How You Can Help

Access to good nutrition is a basic human right. If you're interested in making a difference but aren't sure of where you fit in, you've come to the right place. VIDA is a small project with big aspirations, and we need activists with a variety of skill sets to make it all happen. Some people imagine that the best thing they could do for the world would be to hop on a plane to the nearest impoverished community and volunteer. Even if you were ready to do that, we probably wouldn't recommend it. Chances are, you can make the biggest impact today by staying where you are, working on your laptop, expressing yourself clearly in words, and leveraging your friends and professional connections. Here's how to get started.

Commit to staying involved by signing up to become a VIDA activist. As an activist you will receive email updates on new fundraising resources, the latest from our headquarters in Mexico, and the events of other activists.

Are you more of the behind-the-scenes type of activist? Donate today and help us turn the tides on an epidemic of diet-related diseases. Your contribution is a sound investment in the long-term health of the people of Mexico.


A good Blog post, status update, tweet, or personal email can show your friends that you are passionate about this cause and inspire them to participate. Here are some resources to help you connect and make a persuasive argument.


A fundraiser put on by your school, workplace, or neighborhood can help build community while supporting a worthwhile cause. For event ideas and templates for posters and fliers, read on...