Organize a fundraiser (4 steps)

Step 1: Choose an Event Type

The possibilities for VIDA fundraising events are as inexhaustible as the interests and talents of our activists. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

An Achievement

Are you an athlete? Have you always wanted to run a marathon or bike the Appalachian Trail? VIDA could be the reason to buckle down and achieve your dream. Collect pledges from your friends and neighbors, and we’ll give you a shout-out on our website. For achievement events the focus is usually on what you’re doing “for charity” and not on the cause itself. Hand out a wallet-sized VIDA card to each of your supporters to help drive activism.

A Community Event

Get together with your co-workers, classmates, neighbors, or church group and plan an event that you can do together. Hold a car wash, a bake sale, a musical talent show, a lemonade stand or a pageant. Are there any shared hobbies or interests that unite your group? How can you use these powers for good?

A Mexican Meal

What better way to raise awareness and support for VIDA than with a Mexican banquet rich in healthy vegetables. Set a minimum donation for the door and play our website video while your guests enjoy their meal. For culinary inspiration, check out these authentic Mexican recipes that we’ve collected from the Totonac region. We also recommend this peer-rated online collection.

A Competition

A little rivalry for a good cause can bring out the best in people. Hold a penny war at your school or host a volleyball tournament with a team entrance fee. Let rivals compete for bragging rights, and give everyone a hand for helping to reverse a nutritional crisis in Mexico.

Step 2: Choose a Fundraising Goal

When choosing a $ goal, we recommend mixing two parts inspiration with one part practicality. Your goal can be private or public, but it’s important to have one. A fundraising goal will help you set prices (or recommended donations) and plan for how many participants you need to accommodate at your event. Here are some possibilities

Step 3: Assemble Resources

  • Contact local businesses for support with food or facilities. Let any prospective supporters know that your event will be promoted online and add the names of supporting businesses to one of our VIDA event flier templates.
  • Set up a volunteer schedule so that everyone knows what their responsibilities are and at what time.
  • Check out our list of resources for handouts and poster quality images to hang up at your event.

Step 4: Let People Know

  • Post VIDA fliers around town with your event details.
  • Check in with local newspapers and radio to get your event publicized with other upcoming community events.
  • Tell us! We’ll post your event details on our blog so that activists and visitors to our website from your area will hear about the event.